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Red Berry Barn

Our bakery is known for homemade pies and donuts but we also have unforgettable cinnamon rolls and pie pockets.  Baked goods aren’t your thing? We also serve 16 different flavors of Tillamook Ice Cream to satisfy those taste buds!  

Homemade pies

Red Berry Barn pies are all handmade right here in our on-site bakery. We bake them fresh every morning to have a nice selection for you to choose from straight out of the oven.  

We also have a freezer stocked full of 20 varieties of unbaked pies. A nice option to take and bake in your own oven and have your home smell like fresh baked pie!

We offer a variety of gluten free and sugar free pies in our freezer as well for you to take home and bake.

Call or email to order any time to ensure we have exactly what you are looking for.
Caramel Apple
​Dutch Apple

Peach Cherry​
Peach Marionberry
Peach Raspberry
Pecan (seasonal)
Fresh Strawberry (seasonal)
Strawberry Rhubarb
Triple Berry (marion, rasp, blue)
​Pumpkin (seasonal)


Craving pie but don't need a full size? We also offer mini pies recommended for 1-2 people or our cute pie pockets if you just need to fill a craving on the run. 

We also make amazing cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, pumpkin spice bars, breads, and other goodies.


We make fresh donuts every morning, and sometimes mutliple times throughout the day.  

Flavors include:
Apple cider- year round
Marionberry- seasonal
Pumpkin- seasonal 

Chicken Pot pies

Our chicken pot pies are one of our gourmet items that have become quite popular.
Made with slow roasted chicken and fresh vegetables with a savory creamy base and a special blend of spices. Your family is guaranteed to be asking for seconds!