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Meet the Wilcott's

  Aaron and Erika Wilcott are the proud owners of Red Berry Barn. They both come from agricultural backgrounds and are grateful to raise their three boys Nathan (12), Connor (9), and Dylan (6) working on the farm.

Erika grew up on a 140-acre farm right next door in Tualatin. She is the 6th generation of her family farm, so to say it is in her blood would be an understatement! She grew up working on the farm helping customers, picking berries, hauling pumpkins, driving tractors and of course baking! Aaron grew up in Sherwood and graduated from SHS in 1999. He has always had a love for plants and growing produce. They work together to make Red Berry Barn a place the whole family can enjoy.

Erika's love for plants and baking bring life to the nursery and bakery and Aarons knowledge of agricultural logisitcs make for the perfect farm to family combination. When an idea is sprouted, the whole family works as a team to make the project come to life.  

When visiting, you will likely see the boys testing out the slides, playing on the play structure or digging in the dirt! Besides playing together they do love to help out around the farm too. Connor has really become a huge help with running the cash register and helping our guests while Nathan and Dylan love helping their dad on new projects around the farm. Nathan and Connor have taken over the vegetable plants in the greenhouse. They start planting them in early spring to have a nice plant ready for your garden! 
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Red Berry Barn

19200 SW Chapman Rd
Sherwood, OR 97140
March 15th - October 31st
Everyday 9:00-6:00

November- December
Everyday 9:00-5:00

January- March 15th


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